Your portrait session may take 10-14 business days to complete the editing process AFTER the proofing process. 

Events may take up to 28 business days with Bridal and weddings taking 12-16 weeks or more depending on my workload and the size of the wedding (please remember you are receiving a large number of images in return, and I want to give you the quality of editing that you have come to expect). You as a Wedding and event client will typically receive teaser images within a week of your event. 

Please consider that during the holidays, I spend time with my family and take at least a couple of weeks off after Thanksgiving and Christmas. I also donate much of my time during the fall, so please understand that your images may take longer.  I ALSO take weekends off from the computer, Sunday and Monday, if I am not shooting.

ADD-ON SERVICES such as Face and body swapping, background removal and other time laborsome editing can be done to your existing images. Please keep in mind that these images will take longer to complete and may require additional costs.

FULLY RETOUCHED means skin, hair and background components will be addressed and edited if requested. Please understand that these types of edits take much longer than natural editing and can add several days to your turn around time.

NATURAL EDITS means lightly edited to look as natural as possible.


ARRIVE EARLY I usually suggest arriving to your appointment at least 5 - 10 minutes early.

WARDROBE If you are bringing a specialized wardrobe, please try to keep it as clean and wrinkle free as possible. If we need to steam or clean your wardrobe, it may interfere with your allotted time. 

HMUA SERVICES If Tonya Barnes Photography is providing your hair and makeup artist, please come with a clean face & Clean hair. Stylists should be paid for at the time of service and directly to the HMUA unless prior arrangements have been made. 

SNACKS & DRINKS Tonya Barnes Photography will typically have drinks and light refreshments during your shoot. Please be sure to drink plenty of water or eat something light if you will be visiting for a while. The warm lights and posing positions can easily be draining. 

INSPIRATION IMAGES If you have inspiration images of backgrounds and poses you like to try, please feel free to forward them to me. These can be used as reference, but most likely won't be the same since art is interpretive.

FOR BOUDOIR SESSIONS Before your session, at least several days in advance, please stretch and warm up your muscles and flexibility. It is not uncommon to be sore a bit the day after your session - poses can be taxing! Also remember to drink PLENTY of water the day of your session, stay hydrated.