model call status: filled



SESSION DATE: Friday, August 11th 2023

COMPENSATION: Discounted TFP (photographer) plus Snake Handler fee (Under $100.00)

SUBJECT: Boudoir with a snake

TFP COMPENSATION: 3 Digital images.

PREREQUISITE : Must be comfortable with boudoir posing with some flexibility


Tonya Barnes Photography Studio

13451 McGregor Blvd, unit 1

Fort Myers, FL 33919


This will be a 30 minute or less boudoir session with a snake. Snake handler will be present. My Session fee will be TFP (Trade For Print/Time) plus a Handler fee for the snake which will be under $100.oo. Must be patient and COMFORTABLE around snakes. Please come with hair & makeup done and bring at least 2 outfits. If you do not have any outfits for boudoir, please let me know as I do have some in studio. Model will be chosen at my discretion as I am looking for a fit for the concept.