When people ask me what type of photographer I am, I tell them "I photograph what my eyes are drawn to." I can find beauty, chaos and a message in everything I see.  I've never been a person who can easily express herself with words, so I have learned to tell my stories and emotions with images and photographs.   My methods are unorthodox when it comes to photography and am often "called out" on my theory, design and concepts - in the end, Photography is more something I do for myself, how I heal, rather than a typical "day at the office"  Photography has been my way to communicate for the last 10 years.  My work has been featured in numerous online magazines, printed magazines and even in national news stories because of the content and because I am not afraid to ruffles some feathers.  If it gets people thinking and questioning what's going on around them, then I will count myself as successful.  

Photography is my voice.